Harvey Dent: Gotham's White Knight Remembered
The night is darkest just before the dawn.
And I promise you, the dawn is coming.

Harvey Dent believed in Gotham City, and we believed in Harvey Dent.  Harvey reminded us that WE are the answer.  Gotham is what we make it.  And we refuse to let it be defined by darkness, ugliness or despair.  Gotham is a city of Hope and of Heroes, and we owe it to him to keep it that way.

The following individuals and businesses that donated to the Harvey Dent campaign for District Attorney have also made significant contributions to Dent Memorial Scholarships at Hudson University and Harvard Law School. 

Mr. & Mrs. Ashton-Larraby
Alex Cage Video
Brosterman & Robbin
Bruce Wayne
Brunning Coalitio
Cattitude Travel
Cunningham Pharmaceuticals
Chantal D'Aulnis
Daniels & Talamasca
Dee, Lee, & Spielhersteller
Drake Industries
Joel Ehrlich
Falstaff Inc.
Goodwin Landscaping
GCN: Gotham City News
Gotham Enterprises
Gotham Firefighters Association
Gotham Trending
Kyle Acquisitions
Larraby Inc.
Laserson Lasers
Levitz Co. Inc
Loeb Architects
Douglas Moench Endeavors
Nelson Innovations
Bob Rozakis
Sale Galleries
Starkings Lettering and Signage
The Gotham City Journal
The Gotham Gazette
The Gotham Globe
The Gotham Post
The Gotham Rogues Football Organization
The Gotham Times
The Tate-Aringarosa Group
Michael Uslan
Wallachia Tepes Imports Ltd.
Wandering Dinosaur Productions
Wayne Enterprises
Wayne Foundation
Wright Imaging